Male Haircuts Singapore: 8 Haircuts Singaporean Men Love

Male Haircuts Singapore

Welcome to Singapore's best-kept grooming secrets. Venture with us into a style revolution, where each snip and shave is a masterpiece, and every man’s haircut tells a story of identity. From the precision of razor-sharp fades to the textured charm of modern crops, we're lifting the veil on the trendsetting looks that dominate the city's grooming scene. Prepare to be captivated, as we explore the exclusive haircuts that every style-conscious man in Singapore is dying to know about.

The Fade: A Staple in Men's Grooming

The fade haircut is a staple in Singapore's barbershops. Its gradual transition from short to shorter hair is well-known. It's a versatile choice that caters to both the conservative and the bold. It could be a low fade for a subtle edge or a high fade to make a statement. The fade is a sign of a man's care and his barber's skill.

Textured Crop: The Modern Twist

Men in Singapore are used to humidity. The textured crop has become a stylish yet practical solution. This haircut has a choppy, layered top. The top has shorter sides. It offers a fresh and modern look. It's not just about looking good. It's also about easy maintenance and staying comfy in the tropical weather.

Pompadour: The Classic Revival

The pompadour has its roots in vintage glamour. It has found many fans in Singapore. This is a voluminous style. The hair is swept upward and back. It exudes confidence and sophistication. Modern versions include fades or more texture. They make the pompadour adaptable to today's man.

Undercut: The Bold Statement

The undercut remains a favourite for those looking to make a bold statement. The sides and back are clipped short. The top is longer. This cut has a stark contrast that catches the eye. It's a popular choice for men who want to balance professionalism with personality. It allows for creative styling on the top.

Side Part: The Timeless Elegance

The side-part haircut stands the test of time. It's a classic and understated look, perfect for gentlemen who prefer that style. It's about precision and elegance. The style is clean and polished. It suits many settings, from boardrooms to casual outings.

Buzz Cut: The Minimalist's Choice

The buzz cut is the pinnacle of minimalism and is perfect for the guy who appreciates comfort and simplicity. The fresh, clean appearance it provides is just as important as how little care it requires. The buzz cut is perfect for Singapore's warm climate. It's a bold statement of confidence and simplicity.

The Quiff: The Blend of Classic and Modern

The quiff haircut has become a favorite among Singaporean men. It blends classic charm with modern flair. This style features hair that's longer at the front. It's styled upward and back. This creates a big look that's both eye-catching and sophisticated. The quiff is ideal for those seeking a versatile style. You can adapt it to fit both formal occasions and casual outings. It shows a man's skill at mixing old elegance with new style.

Slick Back: The Sleek Sophisticate

The slick back hairstyle is for the man who appreciates a sleek, sophisticated look. It says a lot about his persona. It involves combing the hair back to achieve a smooth, refined appearance. This style exudes authority and professionalism. Business professionals and those aiming for a polished, timeless look like it. The slick back works well with various hair lengths. It lets you choose how dramatic or subtle you want the style to be.

Choose a Haircut Trend Based On Your Personal Style

Males in Singapore want to sport the newest hairstyles. Even more crucial, however, is settling on a cut that works with your hair type, your facial shape, and your lifestyle.
A good haircut is not just about looking stylish. It should fit you perfectly too. For example, some haircuts look better on round faces. Others work well with sharp jawlines. Your hair's natural—curly, straight, thick, or thin—also decides what style will look best on you, a decision best made after a professional hair treatment. Singapore is humid. So, choose a practical hairstyle that can handle the climate.

This is where a skilled barber comes in handy. Professionals blend the latest styles with what suits you best. They can suggest good haircuts that are easy for you to manage. The cuts keep you looking sharp with little effort. Having a good relationship with your barber means they get to know your style and grooming needs. They learn them better over time. This way, they can help you evolve your look in a way that stays true to you, even as trends change.

Get a Haircut from The Best Barbershop in Singapore

Empire Barber offers a range of services tailored for the modern man. We make sure that every visit is more than just a haircut — it’s a grooming experience. You may be looking for a classic haircut, a beard trim, or a signature shave.

Jay, Carlo, and Sean lead the team at Empire Barber. They are pros dedicated to great service. You are more than simply a customer at Empire Barber Singapore the minute you walk through the door. You are a member of a group that values quality, comfort, and style.

Get a short cut, a medium cut, or a full cut that includes a beard trim and a hot towel shave. Another option is to combine a haircut with an Aveda scalp treatment for the pinnacle of luxury. You may be certain that after using our services, you will feel revitalised, fashionable, and self-assured.

Empire Barber is your destination for male haircuts Singapore offers and more. It offers a sanctuary where you can relax, rejuvenate, and redefine your style. Book your appointment today and discover the difference a great haircut can make.

FAQ on Barber Shops in Singapore

How much does a male haircut cost in Singapore?

The price of a men's haircut in Singapore might vary greatly depending on the establishment's location. The quality of the barber's work and the services offered will also play a role. Generally, prices range from SGD 20 for a basic cut in local barbershops in Singapore. They go to over SGD 100 for a premium experience in high-end salons or barber shops in central areas. A detailed haircut comes with extra services like a wash, style, or scalp treatment. But, it costs more.

Which hair cutting style is best for men in Singapore?

Factors such as a man's facial structure, hair texture, way of life, and sense of style determine the ideal cut for him. The pompadour and side part are two classic styles that may flatter a wide range of facial types. Textured crops and fades are trendy and suit men looking for a more modern look. It's best to ask a barber for help, especially when considering a unique hair treatment. At our barber shop, they can find a style that suits you, including adding a massage service for ultimate relaxation.

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